The pregnancy

I’ll keep this post short unlike the pregnancy!

The smell from the kitchen hit me as soon as I took my first step downstairs. I recoiled in horror. My hand went to my mouth, yup, I was going to be sick again. Rushing to the toilet, I hugged it like an old friend.  Well, that implies I liked my friend. I hated being sick at this point. I’m not a sicky person – unless you count alcohol. As a teacher, I have a great attendance record. I had a week off with Chicken Pox – I’m blaming the Year 3 children and then probably a total of 5 days on top of that in 6 years. That’s amazing!

Morning sickness was something I was proud of to start off with as it meant I was properly pregnant and then it got old quick. It wasn’t just in the mornings either: morning, afternoon and evening. At first, my husband was by my side, rubbing my back lovingly but after 50th time sicking up, he would shout from bed, “You alright? You sound like the cat retching this time.” And then go back to sleep. It got so bad I even had to rush in from playground duty to be sick. At this point, most of the KS2 team knew/guessed (I wore a lot of scarves in the summer..) and I hadn’t officially announced. (My head announced mine and my friend’s without checking it was ok on the first staff meeting back in September! I was going for the 20 week scan that afternoon and wasn’t 100% sure everything was ok so wanted to wait.)  I was becoming an expert at sourcing products with ginger in it as I heard it was good for morning sickness.  I found I ate a lot of bananas and craved strawberry milkshake and licking the salt off Pop’s crisps, which, to be fair isn’t exactly that strange. The sickness continued up to week 14-16 so I was pretty pleased about that.

Around that time, we took a trip to Italy, which would have been lovely, had I been able to drink alcohol..there are only so many soft drinks you can consume and I sadly could only eat half the food they served. The hotel brought out the most amazing food each day.  Shellfish, cured meat, cheeses etc and I couldn’t eat it.  My most favourite Italian dish is cappaccio and wasn’t meant to eat it.

The reason my husband compares the pregnancy to a battlefield was because nothing seemed simple. I didn’t feel the baby move very often unlike my friend’s pregnancies – I later found out this was because my placenta was in the way. Strangely, it was always on a Sunday that he would go really quiet and there would be no movement at all. I would spend majority of the day on my left side counting kicks and drinking cold drinks. I would stress out and automatically think the worst. There were times we would head to hospital and check his movements. We’d feel stupid for going but the amazing staff were always so kind and made it clear any worry should be checked out. On one occasion we could hear a lady behind the curtain next to us that she had felt no movement since the weekend and now she was bleeding. We felt bloody awful for goint in but again, I couldn’t fault the staff.

On two separate occasions I bled. The first time I was bouncing too vigorously on the yoga ball. The second time, I had awful pain in my lower back. Both times I saw a midwife who said it was fine and there was nothing to worry about.  
This article is unfinished I might add… but I accidentally published it and I don’t know how to reverse it! 


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