Pen Friend

Many, many years ago it was the thing to have a pen friend, usually a foreign one.  I remember the teachers at school, jazzing it up as a ‘free’ holiday, a life long friend, a gateway to another culture and most importantly, a way to practice communicating in the written form (handwriting & layout included.)  Obviously, this was way before everyone had the internet and the only person I knew who had a mobile was Zach from Saved by the bell. I was never sold on the idea as I have the attention span of gnat, didn’t like to write and would rather have played outside.

Fast forward to 2016 and one of my closest friends has decided to move to Australia.  She suggested to me that we write to each other as after all, who doesn’t like receiving things in the post. Well, things that aren’t bills.  So we have embarked on a new ‘old’ way of conversing…and we love it!

We each bought a new writing set, I splashed out on a Berol fountain pen, reminiscent of my school days and we began to write.  I started simply. I started with a post card from Italy…and posted it with my letter to Oz. It was then, that I realised, I am massively out of practise, despite teaching for a living.

It wasn’t so much the layout but the fact that I had to write using ‘proper’ sentences not text/email talk.  My hand even got cramp from writing too much! It is actually good fun and very therapeutic, a bit like writing a blog but someone is actually, guaranteed to reply to you!


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